Monday, 31 August 2009

Well, well, well....

Hey everyone, I know i've been away for a while and i can't make a video at the moment, though bare with me! and i promise i'll have one up soon :)
Anyway, i created this blog as it seemed like fun and i wanted another way for you guys to see me and what i'm upto. This blog is going to probably be a bit more personal but also completely beauty related.
So i have lots of reasons why i've been away, all of which were unpredicted and i'm very sorry for, i'll list them;
  • I recently had a very close member of my family die, now i know this is no excuse but it was very sudden and such a shock :( we all miss her very dearly.
  • I got a new pc 3 weeks ago but it has only just started working properly, so i haven't been connected to the internet! and it's killed me :(
  • i've had severe conjunctivitus for 2 weeks, meaning no make up whatsoever :(
  • i got my grades and got my place at univeristy :) but that also means i have to cough up ALOT of money for equipment.
I am once again really sorry for my lack of videos but i have still tried to comment back and answer back to all your questions.
After i post this i'm going to make a list of every requested video since i was last on here so i make sure they will ALL be done, even if it takes 2 days of pure recording.
Thankyou to you guys who have supported me, made lovely comments, sent me personal messages and been overall so nice to me. I've really missed you.
P.s. Yes i am back blonde now ^^


  1. Aww...I miss you. Hope you're keeping well. :) xoxo


  2. yay your back! I love your vids :) xxx

  3. i want you air colour u tink it tak 4 blec for medium air and use a toner