Thursday, 17 September 2009


I know i've been away for a bit again, but i was at my dads, meaning zero internets!
I have been hauling slightly while i was away, pictures below :)
I got a parking ticket this week! Which held me back spending alot and student finance like to annoy me so i won't be getting any payments for a while :(
But i'm usually skint so it doesn't feel like much has changed.
I love the Hello Kitty Car Air Freshners! they are adorable hanging in my car and they smell like vanilla, my favourite scent. I get mine from my local Halfords for about 2£.

My new adorable purse from TopShop. I don't know why but i always head to topshop for a new purse. This is exactly what i was looking for and the metallic floral patterns remind me of cheery blossom, its a very Japanese theme and i love Japan and hope to go there one day so it was bringing Japan to me in a way :)

This little nail polish screamed at me from across Boots. It's Rimmel's 'I love lasting finish' Nail Polish in 275 Electric!. As you can see its a real hot plummy pink but on nails it comes out more pink then plum.
I have ran out of my Biore Moisturising Lotion that mattifies your skin. I can't find it anywhere so maybe it is true about it being discontinued :( Anyway i heard good things for the Amie Morning Dew Moisturiser, so figured i'd give it a try (especially since i love there cleanser!)

I'm going to be uploading some more videos on youtube, i have 3 already recorded and ready to go, but youtube doesn't seem to like them. I keep trying but i might need my boyfriend to have a look and see if theres some technical problems going off.
I'll see you soon loverlies!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Eyeko Pretty Polish

I bought this the other day as i went to buy the eyeko mascara, i've been really into my pale pinks on my nails lately and this just shouted at me.
The eyeko nail polish range is very limited colour wise, there are only a few available. However, overall, i think there cute little nailpolishes which aren't too bad for 1.99£ :)
Here it is :)
As soon as i got home, i took off my old polish and applied this. The first coat went on well but didnt cover my nail completely. The pigmentation of this is nice but it still needed 2 coats to get the job perfect.
I haven't put a top coat on as of yet and i've had it on for a day with no chips whatsoever and i've been doing some hardcore decorating today!

As you can see my nails look quite nice, and i like this polish. I like it even more when i tanned this morning, its a real bubblegum pink and set off the light brown nicely ;)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Face Of The Day

I think i'm getting into the whole blogging thing now :)
Following the trend of many other fellow bloggers, a simple face of the day.
excuse the pose, i don't know why but my face just wouldn't photograph well today, i think we all have these days though.
Face- Mac Studio Fix Fluid Nw15
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Emani Minerals Blush in 916 Panama Mama

Eyes- UDPP
Boots 17 eyeshadow in Mardi Gras
L'oreal Superliner
Lashblast Mascara
Lips- Barry M Lip Paint in 101
Mac Lipglass in C-Thru
I really dont like these photos but hopefully practise makes perfect :)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Ly Na Pearl Face Cream

Hello! :)

I thought i'd do a mini review on this product as i haven't seen many around.
I introduce to you the Ly Na Pearl Face cream.
This is a little 10g jar of what i believe to be, pure goodness.
I bought this off ebay a while back and never used it for some reason, until now. I'm having a real problem with blemishes and acne scarring and this product was made for that, so i found it and started using it :)
I cannot find this anywhere near me, though you can find it *apparently* in asian markets around the UK.
It's never more then a few pounds and off ebay, to be sent from america its about 7-8£ including p&p.

''Actions: Removes blackheads, pimples, ephelis and wrinkles.
Direction: Cleanse your face, apply the cream and message for 2 to 3 minutes, once in the morning and at night.

Active ingredients: Stearic Acid, Centanol, Lanolin, Glyceryl Monostearate, Isopropyl Myristate, Sulfur, Perfume, Ion Exchange Water, Glycerine, Potassium Hydroxide, Pearl Powder.
Warnings: If your acne becomes worse, it is because you haven't properly cleaned your skin prior to application. When using this cream, protect your skin from sunlight.

The pearl powder indeed possess the requisite factors in keeping your skin healthy. It will enable your face to be soft and lustrous.''

That is what the seller on ebay claims for this cream.
Overall, its an off yellow colour, a really creamy and thick cream which really has to be worked into the skin. It does smell a little weird but i kind of like it. Some say it smells of chinese medicine or old people -_-
I know the packaging is tacky (can you see the little guy on the inner lid of the box?) and it is so cheaply packaged. The cream only fills up about a quarter of the tub which i think is a rip off.
 For me, this works. I only apply it liberally at night time all over a CLEAN face and i can see a difference. My blemishes have faded, my skin is smoother and feels plumper too.
I would definately repurchase this but its so hard to find! Anyway, let me know what you guys think and if you have heard anything about this product :)


Monday, 31 August 2009

Well, well, well....

Hey everyone, I know i've been away for a while and i can't make a video at the moment, though bare with me! and i promise i'll have one up soon :)
Anyway, i created this blog as it seemed like fun and i wanted another way for you guys to see me and what i'm upto. This blog is going to probably be a bit more personal but also completely beauty related.
So i have lots of reasons why i've been away, all of which were unpredicted and i'm very sorry for, i'll list them;
  • I recently had a very close member of my family die, now i know this is no excuse but it was very sudden and such a shock :( we all miss her very dearly.
  • I got a new pc 3 weeks ago but it has only just started working properly, so i haven't been connected to the internet! and it's killed me :(
  • i've had severe conjunctivitus for 2 weeks, meaning no make up whatsoever :(
  • i got my grades and got my place at univeristy :) but that also means i have to cough up ALOT of money for equipment.
I am once again really sorry for my lack of videos but i have still tried to comment back and answer back to all your questions.
After i post this i'm going to make a list of every requested video since i was last on here so i make sure they will ALL be done, even if it takes 2 days of pure recording.
Thankyou to you guys who have supported me, made lovely comments, sent me personal messages and been overall so nice to me. I've really missed you.
P.s. Yes i am back blonde now ^^