Monday, 7 September 2009

Eyeko Pretty Polish

I bought this the other day as i went to buy the eyeko mascara, i've been really into my pale pinks on my nails lately and this just shouted at me.
The eyeko nail polish range is very limited colour wise, there are only a few available. However, overall, i think there cute little nailpolishes which aren't too bad for 1.99£ :)
Here it is :)
As soon as i got home, i took off my old polish and applied this. The first coat went on well but didnt cover my nail completely. The pigmentation of this is nice but it still needed 2 coats to get the job perfect.
I haven't put a top coat on as of yet and i've had it on for a day with no chips whatsoever and i've been doing some hardcore decorating today!

As you can see my nails look quite nice, and i like this polish. I like it even more when i tanned this morning, its a real bubblegum pink and set off the light brown nicely ;)


  1. I love Eyeko nail polishes there such great value! This looks really pretty..might check this colour out some time :)xx

  2. Im going to check this out sometime too :D
    looks fab colour always eye up eyeko polish when I see them.