Thursday, 17 September 2009


I know i've been away for a bit again, but i was at my dads, meaning zero internets!
I have been hauling slightly while i was away, pictures below :)
I got a parking ticket this week! Which held me back spending alot and student finance like to annoy me so i won't be getting any payments for a while :(
But i'm usually skint so it doesn't feel like much has changed.
I love the Hello Kitty Car Air Freshners! they are adorable hanging in my car and they smell like vanilla, my favourite scent. I get mine from my local Halfords for about 2£.

My new adorable purse from TopShop. I don't know why but i always head to topshop for a new purse. This is exactly what i was looking for and the metallic floral patterns remind me of cheery blossom, its a very Japanese theme and i love Japan and hope to go there one day so it was bringing Japan to me in a way :)

This little nail polish screamed at me from across Boots. It's Rimmel's 'I love lasting finish' Nail Polish in 275 Electric!. As you can see its a real hot plummy pink but on nails it comes out more pink then plum.
I have ran out of my Biore Moisturising Lotion that mattifies your skin. I can't find it anywhere so maybe it is true about it being discontinued :( Anyway i heard good things for the Amie Morning Dew Moisturiser, so figured i'd give it a try (especially since i love there cleanser!)

I'm going to be uploading some more videos on youtube, i have 3 already recorded and ready to go, but youtube doesn't seem to like them. I keep trying but i might need my boyfriend to have a look and see if theres some technical problems going off.
I'll see you soon loverlies!

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  1. Great blog hun :) Love the purse! Im following you :) x